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The importance or benefits of salary in the lives of many people especially on those lives of people who are fully employed neither as a government worker or a private sector worker cannot be overemphasized.

Workers are gainful because of the end of the month reward or compensation. The payment or the compensation might be on weekly basis known as wages or it might be that their reward will come at the month end, that is what is called salary.


Salary is that type of payment that is static in nature. The market is the forces that predominantly determines the pay rates of workers by comparing the similar performing work in the related firms in the same part. The leveling of a salary ranges and the pay rates that was initiated by an individual work is determined mostly by salary. The total number of people that are available to do a particular job in the worker’s employment locale is predominated determined by salary.

The salary payment is usually paid in static intervals, for instance, per month compensation of one-twelfth of the yearly salary.

Salary is normally recorded in the payroll accounts in the accounting. Salary can also be taken to mean as the salary expense or personnel expenses in the field of business because it involves retaining the acquired human resources that are needed in the operation running of the business.


The type of jobs or careers that gives a high reward or payments to anyone that finds his or herself in those sectors have been elaborately explained above, here in this sector, we will be limiting our write up or discussion on the good salary structure of those high paying sectors in South Africa.

As have said earlier on, the biggest peak rewarding job or career that is available in South Africa is the jobs in the engineering sectors. Those workers take home by the end of the month in this sector of engineering is relatively high when compared with other sectors in South Africa.


In South Africa, research has shown that the jobs that give the biggest reward at the peak end. The biggest peak rewarding careers that are available in South Africa are in the engineering sector.

The list of the jobs available in South Africa are as follows;

  1. Hospital Management: This discipline is all about the leadership and also the overall hospital networks, management, and hospital care system. The management of the hospital ranges from keeping an inventory of medicines, patient care, and the general cleanliness.
  2. Civil or Structural Engineering: This type of engineering sector deals with the construction, designing and the maintenance of the naturally about an environment and the physical maintenance.
  3. Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering is a disciple inside field engineering that majors in areas of electronics, electricity and the electromagnetism.
  4. Chartered Accounting: A chartered Accounting is the type of discipline that was established firstly in the year 1854 in Scotland. In order to become a professional chartered accountant, the least level of a continuing professional development in order to become a complete professional.
  5. Corporate Lending: Workers in the Corporate Lending sectors provides a professional advice to both the private and the public customers concerning diverse financial matters and as well as promotes the financial products or services.
  6. General Practitioner: This is the medical doctor in the field of medicine that cures a chronic illness and acute, and also provides prevention to health education and care to the sick people in the hospital.
  7. IT Engineering: The function of installing, creating, programming of software and technology troubleshooting are carried out by an IT Engineers.
  8. Technical And Business Architecture: A business Architect is that professional that aids in the maintaining and developing of a business.
  9. Financial Analysis: The Financial Analysis is an expert that assess stability, viability and profitability of a  sub-business, business or a project.
  10. Financial Management: The Financial Manager is the professional that manages finance efficiently and effectively in order to bring the reason why the organization is set up.
  11. Environmental Engineering: An Environment Engineer is that engineer in the field of an engineering that has the role of maintaining the resources emanated from the ground.
  12. Consulting Engineering: Consulting Engineers is an expertize that its service is to provide a specialty engineering relating to industries, constructional firms, governments and the developers.
  13. Mechanical Engineering: This branch of engineering field concentrates mainly with the construction, designing and using of machines circuits integrated.
  14. Electronic Engineering: An Electronic Engineers is an engineer that uses active components like transistors, semiconductor devices, and diodes and nonlinear to design devices, electronic circuits, and the VLSI devices.
What Is A Good Salary In South Africa

What Is A Good Salary In South Africa


The amount of time to become a certified employer, its processes differs individually with respect to diverse steps associated with it.

For any prospective worker residing in South Africa to become a fully certified, that individual who has a bachelor degree must have a total number of three years experiences in working in an area that resembles that career, it takes between two to five months for someone that has undergone a work experience.

Some of the numerous importance of a well-structured salary in South Africa are as follows:

In order for any employer to get a maximum satisfaction from his or her career in South Africa, a well-defined salary structure has to be in use which in turn helps in a massive way in the reduction of industrial disputes, labor turnover and other externalities that cannot be mentioned here.

  • An image of a progressive employer can be enabled through a perfect and a structured salary that the company has to predict for the public consumption.
  • A good salary structure of any company helps in defining a perfect sequence of a visibility draw line of promotion of any employer and the job.
  • A sound basis for a collective bargaining which will assist in the maintaining of an employee management relation and the union management satisfaction is possible because of the fact that there is a good salary structure.
  • A well-defined salary structure has to be in place in any good organizational set up in order to avoid any bias or favoritism among the workers.
  • A good salary structure follows the law of an Economics which says that the higher the output, the higher the rate of rewards for that person. And the equitable or even wage and the salary structure And the labor cost equitable are the two major types equitabilities that any organization’s set up of a definite salary structure should try to maintain for those organizations that have already have it and then for those that do not, they should strive to set it up because it implies that each worker is compensated base on how much it contributed to the improvement of productivity of that company.

For any organizational set up to attain a peak morale for its employers, be it that worker is in a government sector or those in the private firms, a well-explained salary structure for a diverse type of careers has to be adopted or taken so that it will serve as an incentives act to encourage workers to improve more on their jobs in order to increase their level of output or productivity.

Still On The Topic – What Is A Good Salary In South Africa 2018?


South Africa is an African nation that is part of those countries that made up Africa continent which is the second largest continents in population wise in the whole world. In the Eastern Hemisphere, South Africa is the Southernmost country on the mainland.

This country stands as the largest nation in the Southern part of Africa. It has ten official languages which are Xhosa, Tswana, Zulu, Tsonga, Afrikaans, Venda, Southern Sotho, Southern Ndebele, Northern Sotho and Swazi. But in South Africa, English Language stands as the official language. The population of South Africa is made up of a sub-Saharan African ancestry, multiracial, Indian and white ancestry.

South Africa has boundaries with these following countries which are Botswana and Zimbabwe to the side of north, on the southern part of Africa which stretches out to Indian Oceans and South Atlantic, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe by the side of the east, and then Swaziland and Mozambique nation by the northeast. Lesotho kingdom is the name of the kingdom that surrounds South Africa.

This country South Africa is made up of fifty-six million people that reside in there. The name of its president is Cyril Ramaphosa. It is the country that permits a massive diversity of languages, cultures, and religions. It uses South African Ran as its currency. It became a Republic on May 31st, 1961 and started its current constitution on February 4th, 1997.   South African got her independence from the United Kingdom and it started governing herself on December 11th, 1931.

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Conclusively, before someone should be thinking of taking up an offer or applying for an opening in South Africa, first, he or she must know his or her area of specialty, the rate of salary each sector pays in order not be exploited during salary bargaining.

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